This webinar focuses on how schools can involve families in successful educational actions to improve students’ learning and social and emotional development simultaneously.

Friday, 6 November, 16:00 CET

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What is this webinar about?

Involving families and communities and engaging them in meaningful interactions with schools is essential to achieving educational inclusion and social cohesion. During this educational emergency stemming from the health crisis, counting on the involvement of families is vital to reducing the already exacerbated learning and social inequalities. In the webinar, evidence from several EU-funded research projects (FP6, FP7, H2020) will be presented, so that families can be effectively involved in supporting their children’s education while also benefitting themselves, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Physical distance does not preclude collaboration and co-construction of successful learning situations for all children.

Speaker panel

Rocío García-Carrión portrait

Rocío García-Carrión is a Ramon y Cajal and Ikerbasque Research Fellow at the University of Deusto. She has been Marie Curie Fellow at University of Cambridge. Her research includes dialogic and interactive learning environments, inclusion of marginalized groups, family and community involvement. She is a member of CREA, where she has contributed to identifying evidence-based actions for inclusion and social cohesion through several international projects, which have achieved scientific, policy and social impact (i.e. INCLUD-ED. FP6), implemented in more than 9000 schools in 14 countries. She has led international research networks at the WERA, EERA and has served as an expert for the OECD project “21st Century Children”.

Blanca Febré López

Blanca Febré López has a degree in Anglo-Germanic Philology. She works as a secondary education teacher at the Sagrada Familia School where she puts into practice different successful educational actions with strong family participation component. Blanca has been an active member of the Teachers’ training of Seminar of Inclusive School “On the shoulders of giants” in Valencia since 2012. Also, she has been involved in the network of teachers’ trainers of the Learning Communities since its origin, having a long experience in coaching different schools their family involvement strategies as well as their educational results.